MMSSS was established in 1968 by Rev.Fr.Susai Michael Raj, a Catholic Priest of Madurai Archdiocese. Since its origin it had been functioning as a Charity organization reaching out the poor and starving through alleviation programs.

The initial activities of MMSSS were focused on alleviation programmes and in helping the affected people in Natural calamities like flood, drought, fire accidents. Then a series of seminars on Development, Self-Reliance and Emancipation were conducted. In the year 1982, it worked out a new project on “ Integral Development Education” This educational service paved the way to the realization of the motto of the society “To Set free the oppressed”. The year 1985 is another notable landmark in the society’s history. It was in this year MMSSS bifurcated into Sivagangai Multipurpose Social Service Society and Madurai Multipurpose Social Service Society. From that MMSSS area of operation and target group changed from Ramnad district to Madurai, Kamarajar and 3 Taluks of Anna Districts. At the end of 1988 society made a deep introspection in to its activities, clarified its vision and expresses its revised, full-fledged motto “To achieve an equal society in solidarity with the oppressed”. Thus there was a change in the perspective of the organization from charity to self-help. With such clarity, MMSSS in the year 1988 onwards started to involve in development issues and take on initiatives such as formation and animation of people as communities and organization, capacity building of grass root level communities especially women, children and dalits through innovative empowering programs. The significant programmes and activities are as follows:-

People’s Organizations in the districts of Madurai,Virudhunagar, Theni & Dindigul:

  • Mahalir Mandrams (Women Associations/SHGs)
  • Small/Marginal Farmers Associations
  • Youth Clubs/Child Parliment
  • Federations (in Cluster Level, Taluk Level and District Level)
  • Empowerment Programs for Dalits and women in Dindigul and Theni districts.
  • Promotion of livelihood and sustainable agriculture
  • Child Rights Centres in 60 villages of Virudhunagar district
  • Special Schools for Child Labourers in Virudhunagar district
  • Pon Idhyam Induatrial School in Aruppukottai benefiting 100 child labourers every year.
  • Reception and observation Home in Virudhunagar district
  • Mahalir Thittam project supported by the Government to Tamil Nadu in Madurai and Virudhunagar districts
  • Savings & Credit Programs: Promotion of small savings in SHGs/ Credit Unions for the economical development of federations.
  • Kolping self Help Groups: promoting IGP
  • Kolping Computer Centre for the development of youth
  • Community Based Care and Support Program to the People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) in Theni District.
  • Support for Children Living / Affected by HIV/ADIS (CLHIV/CAA) in Theni district
  • Care Home Association of Madurai (CHAM) for destitute and widows
  • New Thrust Program in Madurai, Virudhunagar, Theni and Dindigul districts
  • Disaster Management: Relief and Rehabilitation works during drought, flood and emergency situations
  • Domestic Service Project for domestic workers falls under the categories of destitute, widows and single women
  • Rebuilding Physical and Social structures for Sri Lankan Refugees in Virudhunagar and Madurai Districts
  • Farmers Field School in Virudhunagar District

These are the activities carried out by MMSSS. But at times some are followed with slight variations according to programme updated and need of the people. But all these intervention and activities are towards the strengthening of the vulnerable communities of the society i.e women, children and dalits to have an equal society.

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