COVID – 19 relief aid to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka


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MMSSS’s Response to Covid – 19 Relief Measures Intended for the Sri Lankan Refugees Rehabilitation Centers at Anaiyur,  Koodal Nagar  and Thiruvadavoor
Further to the discussion and request from the Rev. Fr. Rayan of CARES (Capuchin Animation for Rehabilitation and Empowerment Society), The Secretary & Treasurer of MMSSS Rev. Fr. G. Gabriel had a primary discussion with Rev. Fr. Jegadeesh, the Social Work Director of CARES along with Sr. Regina, Coordinator of JRS (Jesuits Refugee Service) Madurai District on 08.06.2021 at Thirumangalam. The primary aim of the discussion was to provide relief assistance for the Sri Lankan Refugees accommodated in different Refugees Rehabilitation Center in Madurai District. A total number of 1400 families are accommodated in the Camps from the Year 1990 onwards, which is under the Control of Commissionerate of Rehabilitation and Welfare of Non-Resident Tamils, Government of Tamil Nadu.
Most of the refugee’s families have their valid documents for their migration to Tamil Nadu and is registered with the Refugees Rehabilitation Centers. The registered families are eligible to have a Temporary House for their accommodation and are eligible for various benefits like monthly rations and allowances. The male members who are the bread winner of the family, depends working in the Construction sites like helpers, masons and painters for their livelihood and the female members attend to a small amount of odd works in close to their neighborhood. Due to Covid lockdown all the construction and small industries activities have come to a standstill and the bread winner of the family is unoccupied without any job.
At the same there are a round 200 families of refugees those migrated without any valid documents are also accommodated in the Refugee Rehabilitation Centers. They are not eligible to enjoy any Government benefits and are in the process of registration with the Government. Considering their plight the Director of MMSSS understood the critical situation faced by such families suggested that he is prepared to provide some kind of relief measures towards Covid Relief.
Followed by this we also made a visit to all the three Refugees Rehabilitation Centers located at Utchapatty, Anayur, Koodal Nagar and Thriuvadavoor on 8th &19th of June 2021. Finally, It was confirmed that MMSSS is prepared to support by providing dry ration items worth of Rs.1200/= that can be distributed to the selected families in all the three Camps those who do not possess the valid documents. We suggested Sr. Regina to collect the details of such beneficiaries, to fix the date and venue for the distribution and to find out if, any formalities has to be completed regarding this from the Government Departments.
The information of the Families without valid documents was identified with the head of the family and their dependents. The proposed relief materials for the distribution were purchased in bulk quantity from the whole sale market and were neatly packed with the support of the MMSSS Staff as per the list given below. The date for the distribution was fixed and the relief packages were handed over to the identified beneficiary accordingly near to their camps in the presence of the Rev.Fr. G. Gabriel along with the support of the JRS Coordinator and the Camp Leaders.
Details of the Relief Materials distributed:
S. No Name of the Item Quantity Units Total Cost
1 Rice 10Kgs 200 76490
2 Ashirvad Atta 1Kg 200 10313
3 Toor Dhal 1Kg 200 39800
4 Desi Chenna Black 1Kg 200
5 Mung Dhal 1Kg 200
6 Sugar 1Kg 200 7085
7 Gold Winner Oil 1Ltr 200 31600
8 Tea Dust 250gm 200 15745
9 Turmeric Powder 100gm 200 10700
10 Chili Powder 100gm 200
11 Dhanya Powder 100gm 200
12 Jeeragam 100gm 200 24480
13 Mustard 100gm 200
14 Pepper 50gm 200
15 Vim Soap 100gm 200 1840
  Packing Materials     797
  Logistic Arrangements       5400
  Total 15 Items    Total Cost 224250
Refugees Accommodated in each Camp:
S.No Name of the Camp No of Families Male Female Total Families Without Documents
1 Anaiyur 515 794 909 1703 64
2 Koodal Nagar 305 428 598 1026 33
3 Thiruvadavoor 560 956 818 1774 71
Distribution Details:
S.No Name of the Camp Distribution Date    No of Relief Bags Members Benefitted
1 Anaiyur 16.06.2021 64 238
2 Koodal Nagar 16.06.2021 33 148
3 Thiruvadavoor 26.06.2021 71 205
  Total   168 591
Note of Thanks:

The feedback received from the JRS Coordinator revealed that the benefitted member are very happy and delighted about the dry provisions we supplied and expressed their overwhelming sentiment of gratitude and thanks for the timely intervention of their sustenance during the lockdown period. The Camp Leaders and the Staff of MMSSS who were instrumental in the preparatory arrangements and efforts taken by JRS Coordinator, praised Rev. Fr. G. Gabriel the Secretary & Treasurer of MMSSS and expressed that the content of the relief package was worth in Quality and Quantity.