Cancer Campaign

Cancer campaign and cancer screening program conducted through “Ezhuvom Iyakkam” Networking on Cancer Awareness
Prevalence of Cancer among women is found to be increasing as more cases are coming to light and Caritas India came up with a slogan “Ezhuvom Iyakkam” Cancer Care Campaign. The Cancer patients were identified though Individual meetings, House visit Group meetings and Cancer awareness Rally. Mass awareness on Cancer care were conducted at R C Schools of Palanganatham, Samayanallur, Silukkuvarpatty, Kodaikanal, for 360 adolescent Boys and Girls through experienced Resource Persons. Common sessions were conducted about the Causes, Identification, and Prevention & Awareness on Cancer. Separate sessions were conducted for Adolescent Girls on request by the School Headmistress on Cancer and interruption methods during the menstrual times. A special camp was conducted for the SHG members on Cancer awareness tests on the early detection of cancer symptoms through self- experimentation and Screening at De Nobili Matric High School, K. Pudur on.11.04.2021.


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