MMSSS’s Response to Covid – 19: Relief Services in Nilakottai

MMSSS’s Response to Covid – 19: Relief Services to the Affected Poor Families due to Covid – 19 Lockdown in the Parish of St. Josephs Church – Nilakottai.
Although the second wave of Covid – 19 have not created any impact in the livelihood of the salaried Employees to a great extent, it has once again affected the poor households and daily wage laborers and a larger proportion of the population has been endured a lot in the Current Second wave. There has been a permanent damage of income for many household members and faced losing their employment, small business or lost their bread winners of the family due to Covid – 19. There is not much difference in this aspect of the poor people trapped between the Urban and Rural areas. Rev. Fr. Arul the Parish Priest of St. Josephs Church; Nilakottai, was well aware the Parishioners and identified about thirty poor families including two Widows, who are not exceptional to overcome this calamity for their source of revenue and sustenance. Taking into consideration of their situation he brought this humanitarian appeal to the knowledge of the Secretary & Treasurer of MMSSS Rev. Fr. G. Gabriel regarding some sort of Relief assistance towards these thirty families who do not have any source of revenue during the Lockdown period. Fr. Gabriel acknowledged with pleasure to support these families with dry ration items worth of Rs. 1750/= with the intention of fulfilling their requirement of provisions for a week. Accordingly Rev. Fr. Arul made the necessary arrangements on purchasing the relief materials in consultation with the Parish Council members. The items purchased were neatly packed and the MMSSS Staff distributed to the selected 30 families on 13.06.2021 in the presence of Rev. Fr. Francis Britto, V F of Bathlagundu Vicariate, Parish Council President and the Representatives of the Neighborhood Groups (Anbiam)
Details of the Relief Materials distributed:
S. No Name of the Item Quantity Cost Unit Total
1 Rice 10Kgs 500 30 15000
2 Nila Atta 1Kg 60 30 1800
3 Anil Rava & Semiaa 1Kg 60 30 1800
4 Toor Dhal 1Kg 125 30 3750
5 Fried Gram 1Kg 60 30 1800
6 Desi Chenna Black 1Kg 100 30 3000
7 Sugar 1Kg 50 30 1500
8 Cooking Oil 1Ltr 190 30 5700
9 Chili Powder 100gm 60 30 1800
10 Dry Chilly 500gm 110 30 3300
11 Coriander Seeds 500gm 120 30 3600
12 Jeeragam 100gm 30 30 900
13 Mustard 100gm 20 30 600
14 Pepper 100gm 60 30 1800
15 Vim Soap 100gm 15 30 450
16 Tamarind 250gm 60 30 1800
17 Garlic 250gm 40 30 1200
18 Power Soap 100gm 20 30 600
19 Pappad 100gm 10 30 300
  Packing Materials       750
  Logistic Arrangements       1500
  Total 19Items      Total Cost 52950
Distribution Details:
S.No Name of the Distribution Date No of Relief Bags FMembers Benefitted
1 Nilakottai 13.06.2021 30 114
  Total   30 114
Word of Appreciation:
The feedback received from one of the Parish Council member and few of the relief recipients explained that the benefitted member are very satisfied about the relief package and expressed their sentiment of gratitude and thanks for the timely intervention by their Parish Priest through MMSSS. To end with Rev. Fr. Arul conveyed his appreciation to Rev. Fr. G. Gabriel, the Secretary & Treasurer for his right consideration of providing the relief packages and distributed systematically by the Staff of MMSSS.