Short Report on World Day of Prayer

The Kolping Region of Madurai celebrated the World Day of Prayer on 27th October 2023 at Sacred Heart Church in T. Sindhalacherry along with an Orientation program on “Credit Union” to the Self-help group members of the Kolping Family. The program was presided over by Rev. Fr. G. Gabriel, the Secretary and Treasurer of Madurai Multipurpose Social Service Society along with the Assistant Secretary Rev. Fr. A. Rajan, and the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Maria Prabhu. Rev. Fr. G. Gabriel deliberated the Life History of Adolf Kolping and the purpose of celebrating “World Prayer Day”. He said, “The International Kolping Family Commemorates the Beatification of its Founder, the Blessed Adolph Kolping on every 27 th of October and he invited all those present there to pray for the Canonization of the Blessed Adolf Kolping, thus making this day a special occasion for the Kolping Members. He also reiterated that the day of his Beatification is also the World Day of Prayer. World Prayer Day also shows the diversity and unity of spirituality.  Further, he highlighted the invitation of the Holy Father to the International Community to fast and pray for peace in the World on this same day particularly to pray for Peace in the near East Israel. Father Director mentioned in his address the Legacy of Adolf Kolping. He talked about his life's work, his Ideals and Goals, his concern for the Wanderer Workers, and His enthusiasm for the Lord.  Self-help groups bring about social change by changing themselves and others. This was his approach to the first Catholic Journeymen’s Association. The idea of Self-Help and Community transformation quickly spread throughout Europe and beyond by the followers of Kolping. Today Kolping Family is present in over 62 Countries across the Globe. He concluded his talk with the saying, “We have to read the signs of time and act accordingly, because it is the time that prompts us what we should do. Followed by this “Prayer for the Kolping Family & Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Adolph Kolping was said by Rev. Fr. A. Rajan, the Assistant Secretary of MMSSS. The prayer meeting was concluded with a blessing to the Kolping members by the Parish Priest.