Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevention Day was held on 12th September 2022 at 12.00 pm at St. Joseph’s Church Campus in Nilakkottai. 30 SGH members participated in the function. The function began with a welcome address. Mr. Justin, CCO spoke about the activities of MMSSS. He said that it is necessary to create awareness among the people of Batlagundu region about Suicide and so it was chosen for this day. Chief Guest Mrs. Latha, the Police Officer first asked the gathering, “What do you think about suicide?” And she also asked for the problems faced by women every day. Participants responded: alcoholism, doubting women and patriarchy. And she shared the following:
  • Suicide is not a solution to any problem. Face and fight against the problem.
  • Especially mothers who commit suicide should think about their children and family.
  • Child marriage should not be allowed. The marital age for men is 21 and women 18.
  • Women police are always ready to help out women in crisis.
Special Guest Mr. Manikandan, an Advocate shared the following.
  • 8,00,000 people committed suicide during last year including 1,64,000 people from India.
  • Husband is not the only reason for suicide of women. There are also problems for women in workplace, from co-workers, children, neighbors, siblings and relatives. They can push women for suicide.
  • If one can calm down oneself for two minutes in a situation of crisis, one can come out of suicidal tendency.
  • There are legal provisions to prosecute those who instigate people to commit suicide. Free legal service is also provided to women who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The Center for free legal service is located in the Taluk Office.
The function ended with a thank note by Mrs. Rani.