World Humanity Day

World Humanity Day

Humanity Day was celebrated on the 23 rd of August, 2022 at 11 am in Aruppukottai Regional Office. 72 people including SHG members and MMSSS staff of Virudhunagar district participated in this event. Mrs. Porutselvi, the Regional Coordinator of Aruppukkottai welcomed everyone to the function.

Rev. Fr. Rajan, Asst. Secretary of MMSSS said that in the past humanity could be seen in the villages where people shared household things in common and helped each other with what they had and their relationship grew healthy and today it has turned into nothing. Humanity just springs from heart, so he insisted that we should live with humanity.

Mrs. Vijaya, Leader of an SHG sang an awareness song… “Poo Mudichu Pottu Vachu”. It was a Tamil song that depicted the commoditization of women in the Indian society. Rev. Fr. Stalin, Asst. Secretary of MMSSS introduced the speaker, Sr. Punitha and offered his greetings. He wished us to cultivate humanistic qualities and to develop humanistic way of thinking.

Chief Guest and Advocate Sr. Punitha explained the anti-human activities based on her life experience from legal point of view. She also highlighted the laws against cruelty done to women and children.

The coordination work for this event was done by the Chief Coordinator, District Coordinator and Arupukottai regional staff. They concluded the event with tea and snacks.

Plant saplings were gifted as memento of this function. Rev. Fr. Stalin, Rev. Fr. Rajan and Sr. Punitha planted the saplings.