World Organ Donation Day

World Organ Donation Day

Batlagundu Region


Place:Campus of Public Works Dept., Anaippatty

Chief Guests:Fr. Rajan and Fr. Stalin, Asst. Secretaries, MMSSS

Time:3.00-4.00 pm

Coordinated by:Dr. Maria William, Program Coordinator, Mr. Justin, Chief Coordinator Mr. Subburaj, Manager, Cooperative Bank, Anaippatty

Participants:70 Members from SHGs

The following thoughts were shared by Dr. S Maria William to insist the need and importance of organ donation.
  • We can donate 25 organs from our body. For doing that we need a kind heart. We must understand that our organs live even after our death. However, there can arise a problem in organ donation. Even if we are willing to donate, when our family members are not willing, it can create certain difficulty for organ donation. But if we are determined, no one can stop us.
  • We need not be worried about the process of organ transplantation. Organs will be removed from our body without any damage and inserted into the body of the recipient.
  • As soon as we meet with an accidents, we must contact the nearest hospital and intimate them our willingness for organ donation. It will be a great help for many persons who are waiting for survival. When we do this, we give life to someone. We shall also be considered great and benevolent. Keeping this in mind, we should all try to give life to others even when we are living. That means we should make necessary arrangements for organ donation while living. We need not wait for our last minute for donating our organs.
  • On the whole, we must strive for giving life for others after our death by way of donating our organs.