World Small Business Day

World Small Business Day was celebrated on the 26th of August, 2022 at 12.00 pm in Kodaikanal Region. The function was led by Mrs. Loretta, DCO of Dindigul. 30 Small business traders participated in the event. Members of business association joined hands with MMSSS to make this day a memorable one.

All the participants introduced themselves and explained the details of their small business, i.e. kind of trade, various products, pricing and sales. Rev. Fr. Rajan, Asst. Secretary clarified how to create a marketing platform. He added that we must have clarity about where the world is moving to and we should know the marketing strategies and follow them in order to face the challenges of economic decline. He boosted the participants to work effectively and not to get stuck by the hurdles created by corporate companies. We need to strengthen our unity and know the barter system, custom system and handicraft system. He further suggested to them that they could have a trade union like the credit unions functioning in the region.

Mr. Justin, CCO proposed that they could use Whatsapp group as a first stage of marketing to promote the small business. He also insisted that they could work unitedly and form trade associations promoting the cause of agriculture.

Rev. Fr. Stalin, Asst. Secretary encouraged them to set up a proper business platform with the joint efforts of the members. He noted that our efforts should focus on economic development and we should take steps like posting price and other product details on Whatsapp. Credit unions established in 2001 are gearing up to the celebration of its silver jubilee in next four years and credit unions should be changed into agricultural unions.

As an outcome of this event, all participants jointly decided to follow the action of plan given on that day.